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Contest ends:  January 13, 2009

Jud Conway - Southern BoundPrize:
• Signed Copy of Jud Conway's debut CD, Southern Bound

Jud’s debut release, SOUTHERN BOUND, includes thirteen original songs that examine the range and complexity of the human condition with an unbridled heart and sympathetic eye. Full of honest characters and vivid landscapes, Jud’s songs are snapshots of Americana in all its splendor and peculiarity.

We asked Jud to talk a little about his knack for songwriting:

KW- Certain songs on the album, like "Mr. Corian," "King of Country Music,"  and definitely the title track, have a real... literary quality; characters are developed, scenes are defined, and musically, the melody is often driven by the story-line. What inspires you to write such descriptive songs?

Jud- Well, any number of things can inspire a song; a person, a picture, a phrase, an event, an ideal…. For me, emotional depth, honesty, and consequences play a major role in my songwriting. At a base level, I think I’ve always written from the heart. I recently came across the lyrics to some of my early compositions, dating back to grade school. It’s funny to read them now. I was eleven years old, and writing lines like, “Goodbye heartache, I’m leavin’ you behind. It’s for my own sake that I get you off my mind,” and “I’ll show you my smile, if you’ll show me Jud Conwayyours, ‘cause you know that smiles unlock forbidden doors.” Some of these old songs are extra-special to me because they’re like windows into my past; snapshots of my life at a specific point on an historical timeline. So, for example, I can recall, even if only for a second, what it’s like to be an intense, shy fifteen year-old. Now, I’m not saying that I’m particularly interested in reliving that part of my life… [Laughs] Yet, I can definitely relate, because I can step into the emotional footprint that I preserved some… twenty-five years ago. It is this aspect of songwriting that appeals most to me, and it’s what I’ve tried to reflect and convey on Southern Bound; giving listeners a chance to step into the emotional mindset of my characters within the context of a story or pivotal moment in time.

[Excerpted from Kindweb interview with Jud Conway]

SOUTHERN BOUND features incredible musicians from all over the country, including producer/bassist Dan Conway (Modereko, Rita Coolidge, Zeugma), John Molo (Bruce Hornsby & the Range, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Other Ones, John Fogerty), Mookie Siegel (David Nelson Band, Bob Weir’s RatDog, Phil Lesh & Friends, Donna & the Tricksters), JT Thomas (Bruce Hornsby Band, Jemima Puddleduck, Tracy Chapman, Captain Beefheart), LA session heavy Tim Kobza (Jon B., Modereko), and many others.

SOUTHERN BOUND is available for purchase and digital download at judconway.com, Digstation, Itunes, CD Baby, and selected retailers.

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