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Win 1 of 2 Signed Copies of "SIC" by Alex Machacek/Terry Bozzio
Contest ends and winners will be announced on September 21, 2006

This contest has ended
Congratulations to:

Tisa Agloro of
Yelm, WA

Vicky Deane of
Ridgetown, ON;  Canada

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moe. - No Doy CD

Alex Machacek/Terry BozzioOver the course of a whole lifetime as a passionate observer and chronicler of the music scene, with a particularly keen interest in guitarists of all stripes, I have been blown away innumerable times by extraordinary players who bring something remarkable and personal to the table. Alex Machacek is one such extraordinary talent.

Combining jaw-dropping technique with a fertile imagination and a playful sense of humor, the Austrian six-string phenom has concocted an audaciously brilliant manifesto in [sic]. Imagine a composite of Allan Holdsworth’s stunning legato chops and advanced harmonic language with Mike Keneally’s exacting virtuosity and Frank Zappa’s fiercely uncompromising “difficult music” and you’re getting close to where this visionary new talent is currently operating. He is perhaps the only guitarist on the planet who could cut the impossible charts of Zappa’s Jazz From Hell and simultaneously breathe life into them.

Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times, Jazziz

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