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Meet the KindWeb Family
Ed Van Wicklen

Ed Van Wicklen
Owner / Chief Editor

After traveling, seeing hundreds of shows/festivals, and playing thousands of my own gigs, I decided that I wanted to start a website for all of those things which interested people like myself.  So, in 1998 I created KindWeb to encompass all things Kind (music, activism, the environment, natural health, etc..).  Since then, it has grown to be a worldwide portal for all things kind...and it keeps growing.

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Jud Conway

Jud Conway
Head Reviewer / Music History Guru

Jud is not only a wealth of music history knowledge, he is also an English major, a musician, a great songwriter and more...  He was a perfect addition to the KindWeb family and you'll continue to read much more from him in the future.

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Jud Conway

Dave SanSoucie
Reviewer / Musical Genius

Dave is an amazing musician with roots in folk music, but covers all genres of music in his repertoire.  He not only can play a mean guitar, he also is a wealth of music history knowledge.

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Desiree Van Wicklen

Desiree Van Wicklen
Office Manager / Chief Executive Officer of Toddler & Domestic Affairs

Desiree has been a big support to the growth of Kindweb, helps with office work, and just happens to be the wife of owner, Ed Van Wicklen

Contributing Writers / Photographers (Extended Family)
  • Cory Giacalone - Photographer; Chicago, ILL
  • Didi Trout - Writer; Chicago, ILL
  • Brian Spady - Photographer; San Francisco, CA
  • Mindee Conway - Photographer;  York, PA
  • Christine Federico - Writer; San Francisco, CA
  • Bryan Tobian - Writer; San Francisco, CA
  • Rick Heisler - Photographer/Writer; San Diego, CA
  • Kayla Ketrick - Writer/Reviewer; Asheville, NC
  • Will Lambert - Writer; Chicago, ILL
  • Clint Rock - Writer; Waynesboro, PA
  • Tom Sutherland - Writer; State College, PA
  • Carley McCormick - Writer; York, PA
  • Blake Stellyes - Photographer;  CO
Fans/Users/Readers (Extended Family)
Crowd We'd also like to recognize the thousands and thousands of regular supporters of KindWeb.  Without you, KindWeb wouldn't have grown to where it is today.
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