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  • Friends:  Connect with friends and family on KindWeb to create your own network.  You can make it private or you can make it public so anyone can view your profile.
  • Pages/Groups:  Add or join multiple types of free pages (band, business, family, group or other) to promote your band or business, keep in touch with friends and family, groups to discuss specific issues, mom's clubs to keep track of events, and much more. These pages include a forum, photo album, event calendar, and more.  In addition, you can set your page to private or public.  In private mode, you can only allow users you approve to access the page.
  • Photo Albums:  Add photos in photo albums to share with friends and family.
  • Events/Concerts Diary:  Log the concerts, festivals or other events you've attended along with setlists, comments, and other information about the show for you to remember every detail.
  • Recordings:  Log your recordings (for tapers, bootleggers, recorders, etc)
  • Privacy:  By default, your profile is set to private and only your friends can view it.  You can change this setting to public at any time if you wish.

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