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Energy Efficiency is So In Right Now
ENN.Com  9/1/2011

In the movie The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg doesnít want ads on an early version of his social network; he understands that first and foremost, his site has to be cool. And ads, he says, arenít cool. Unlike Zuckerberg (well, at least in the beginning), the energy efficiency industry hasnít quite grasped the value of being cool. Itís an industry that hopes to be popular because itís right, and it uses less-than-sexy language like demand-side management and load following device to describe itself. Sure, being ďgreenĒ� seems to have taken off, but when it comes to efficiency, well, itís hard to build a cool brand around an industry that so loves its technical jargon...

ENN.Com has the full article: Read it here

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