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Time for Kindness
Time for Kindness
KindWeb  11/16/2020

With a clear, and factual, end to the election, resulting in Joe Biden becoming the President-Elect, it is now time for kindness.  We have endured 4-years of hateful speech and vile behavior from the top, while the top encouraged this same behavior from American citizens.  This is not a sustainable temperament in our society. Our democracy and our individual minds cannot endure this type of constant chaos.  

In the old days, Republicans and Democrats, along with other parties, could work together.  They weren't so polarized that it was impossible to bring them to the middle.  Right now, we are seeing the most polarized politics possibly ever.  We need to begin to heal America, while coming to the middle.  There is a Yin & a Yang in all that exists.  The way to handle this is to allow the two to co-exist and fit together as the two pieces of the Yin & Yang fit together.  This symbol represents how it is necessary to have two sides of an issue and how those two sides should fit together.  We need to embrace our differences and figure out how we fit together.

With that being said, there is no room for hatred.  There is no room for racism, homophobia, xenophobia and just flat out hatred for anyone who is not like you.  Our world is a melting pot of many cultures.  America is a melting pot of many immigrants.  Please step down from your faux pedestal and realize that we are all in this together and you are not more elite than the others around you.  Be kind to one another and teach your children the same.

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