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Environmental News Article Results
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Global CO2 Emissions Reach All-Time High  Rising More Than 5% in 2010 to Close Out Past 20 Years Global CO2 Emissions Reach All-Time High Rising More Than 5% in 2010 to Close Out Past 20 Years
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
Global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reached an all-time high in 2010, rising 45% in the past 20 years. Rising rapidly between 1990 and 2010, global atmospheric CO2 levels totaled 33 billion metric tons last year, according to a report published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Global CO2 emissions fell 1% in 2009, during the Great Recession, but rose at an unprecedented 5% rate in 2010
Most Polluted Cities in the World Most Polluted Cities in the World
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
In many cities air pollution is reaching levels that threaten people's health according to an unprecedented compilation of air quality data released today by WHO (World Health Organization). The information includes data from nearly 1100 cities across 91 countries, including capital cities and cities with more than 100,000 residents. WHO estimates more than 2 million people die every year from breathing in tiny particles present in indoor and outdoor air pollution. PM10 particles, which are particles of 10 micrometers or less, which can penetrate into the lungs and may enter the bloodstream, can cause heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, and acute lower respiratory infections
MIT Battery Startup Likes Liquidity MIT Battery Startup Likes Liquidity
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
The ’503 Application is entitled Alkaline Earth Metal Ion Battery and is directed to an alkaline earth metal ion energy storage cell (10) which contains three liquid constituents: two liquid electrodes and a liquid electrolyte. More particularly, the cell (10) houses a molten metal body (14) that serves as a negative electrode, an electronically conductive liquid alloy body (16) that serves as a positive electrode, and an intervening ionically conductive electrolyte (20).
How Global Warming Could Cause Animals to Shrink How Global Warming Could Cause Animals to Shrink
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
ScienceDaily (Sep. 27, 2011) — The way in which global warming causes many of the world's organisms to shrink has been revealed by new research from Queen Mary, University of London
Billionaires Get Behind Cleantech Funding Billionaires Get Behind Cleantech Funding
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
It's the fall, and the discontent of American billionaires, like that of New York Mets fans, is rising. Not only has laconic investment guru Warren Buffett demanded that the U.S. levy more taxes on the privileged, i.e., super-wealthy people like him; but also another group of billionaires (or at least hundreds-of-millionaires) has stood up to demand a more active role for government in creating a cleantech energy economy for the 21st century
Obama administration to push back fuel efficiency standards Obama administration to push back fuel efficiency standards
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
The Obama administration will push back the release of the most ambitious proposal ever for automakers to improve fuel efficiency of their passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and pickups
Ford Develops E-Bike Protoype Ford Develops E-Bike Protoype
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
Earlier this year, Ford announced its ongoing commitment to vehicle electrification.. The automaker will be sticking to expansions in four-wheel offerings, but, surprisingly they’re also also turning their attention to two-wheelers: E-bikes. While this change represents a radical departure from the company’s core offering, it’s a logical move nonetheless
Potatoes and Potassium Potatoes and Potassium
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
Many people enjoy potatoes which also have historical significance such as the great Irish great potato famine that forced many to emigrate. Fruit are also perceived as healthy. Research presented in September 2011 at the American Dietetic Association's (ADA) Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) demonstrates that potatoes are one of the best nutritional values in the produce department, providing significantly better nutritional value per dollar than most other raw vegetables
L.A. Air Force Base Will Deploy 100% Electric Vehicle Fleet L.A. Air Force Base Will Deploy 100% Electric Vehicle Fleet
[ Sep 28, 2011 - Share ]
The U.S. Air Force recently announced that its Los Angeles base would be the first federal facility to replace 100 percent of its general purpose fleet with electric vehicles. This switch will mean all 40 vehicles owned or leased by the base, including passenger sedans, two-ton trucks and shuttle buses, will be replaced by fully-electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and extended-range electric alternatives. Force protection, tactical and emergency response vehicles will remain exempt for now
Peterson Glacier Breakup Continues Peterson Glacier Breakup Continues
[ Sep 1, 2011 - Share ]
In August 2010, part of the Petermann Glacier about four times the size of Manhattan island broke off. This is a huge island which would take years to melt and move south. Researcher Alun Hubbard, of the Centre for Glaciology at Aberystwyth University, U.K.has indicated that another section of the glacier, about twice the size of Manhattan, appeared close to breaking off.
Energy Efficiency is So In Right Now Energy Efficiency is So In Right Now
[ Sep 1, 2011 - Share ]
In the movie The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want ads on an early version of his social network; he understands that first and foremost, his site has to be cool. And ads, he says, aren’t cool. Unlike Zuckerberg (well, at least in the beginning), the energy efficiency industry hasn’t quite grasped the value of being cool. It’s an industry that hopes to be popular because it’s right, and it uses less-than-sexy language like demand-side management and load following device to describe itself. Sure, being “green”� seems to have taken off, but when it comes to efficiency, well, it’s hard to build a cool brand around an industry that so loves its technical jargon
Volkswagen Investing One Billion Euros in Wind Energy Volkswagen Investing One Billion Euros in Wind Energy
[ Sep 1, 2011 - Share ]
In an attempt to hedge against future rising energy prices, Volkswagen announced last week that it will invest up to one billion Euros (US$1.45 billion) in renewable energy. The announcement follows the company's decisions earlier this year to invest in other clean energy projects as well as to launch new electric vehicles
The Great Virginia Earthquake The Great Virginia Earthquake
[ Aug 24, 2011 - Share ]
Nowadays when a disaster strikes the cell phones react. A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck the National Capital Area on Tuesday, August 23, at 1:51p.m. (EDT), causing moderate shaking and potentially significant damage, and was felt throughout Northern Virginia and neighboring areas. No casualties are expected. Immediately cell phones throughout the area were jammed as everybody called out checking on friends and loved ones as well as what happened. The earthquake occurred near Louisa and Mineral, Va., approximately 100 miles southwest of Washington, DC
Madagascar may authorize exports of illegally-logged rosewood Madagascar may authorize exports of illegally-logged rosewood
[ Aug 24, 2011 - Share ]
A meeting scheduled for August 25th between rosewood traders, the Ministry of Forest and Environment, and other government officials may determine the fate of tens of millions of dollars' worth of rosewood illegally logged from Madagascar's rainforests parks.
Summer Drought Limits the Positive Effects of CO2 and Heat On Plant Growth in Future Climate Summer Drought Limits the Positive Effects of CO2 and Heat On Plant Growth in Future Climate
[ Aug 24, 2011 - Share ]
ScienceDaily (Aug. 23, 2011) — Although the rain this summer has been pouring down over Denmark, most scientists agree that global temperature increases will intensify periods with summer drought already in 2075. The large scale project CLIMAITE, led by Risø DTU, has published its first synthesis paper in the journal Global Change Biology, and the conclusion is perhaps a little surprising that the predicted increase in plant growth, due to more CO2 in the atmosphere is noticeably limited when combined with higher temperatures -- and especially summer droughts
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