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Art Outside, The Best Fall Festival in Texas, Really! A Festival Preview by Rich Denis  10/17/2014
Suwannee Hulaween is Fastly Approaching!  10/6/2014
Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood Hit No. 1 on Billboard Jazz Chart + Premiere New Video  9/30/2014
Keller Williams Announces Early Winter Plans  9/17/2014
Suwannee Hulaween | Artist announcements, Thursday pre-party, Halloween theme & more  9/17/2014
Earphunk announces release of Sweet Nasty and Late Summer Tour  8/22/2014
Hoxeyville Confirms Final Lineup for 2014 Event August 15-17  7/31/2014
Keller Williams' Grateful Grass Releases New Album, DOS, to Benefit the Rex Foundation  7/30/2014
Hangtown Halloween Ball Releases 2nd Wave Lineup  7/22/2014
Camp Euforia XI July 11th & 12th Giving Back, All the Way to 11  7/8/2014
Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood Announce Winter Tour Dates  7/8/2014
Initial Line Up Is Unveiled for the Second Annual String Cheese Incident Suwanee Hulaween  6/13/2014
Electric Forces Veteran's Activation at the Sold Out Electric Forest Festival Announced  6/3/2014
Electric Forest Announces Tickets are Sold Out as Final Round of Artists are Added to the 4th Annual Festival, June 26-29, 2014  6/3/2014
SnowGlobe Announces Its 4th Annual Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe, CA December 29-31, 2014  5/29/2014
EOTO Unleashes 6th Annual Live Collection  5/29/2014
Rootwire Announces Final Lineup Additions  5/27/2014
The Motet On Tour This Summer In Support of Their New Album  5/20/2014
20 Best Guitar Faces!  5/8/2014
Wakarusa Music Festival Releases Schedule for 2014 Festival  4/23/2014
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Recent Reviews
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - 10/12/2014:  Austin City Limits at Moody TheaterRingo Starr & His All-Starr Band - 10/12/2014: Austin City Limits at Moody Theater
Widespread Panic - 10/14/2014:  Austin City Limits at Moody TheaterWidespread Panic - 10/14/2014: Austin City Limits at Moody Theater
Fitz and the Tantrums - 10/8/2014:  Max Frost, Stubb's Austin, TXFitz and the Tantrums - 10/8/2014: Max Frost, Stubb's Austin, TX
Phases of the Moon Music and Art Festival - 9/11/2014 - 9/14/2014:  Danville, ILPhases of the Moon Music and Art Festival - 9/11/2014 - 9/14/2014: Danville, IL
Lotus - 10/10/2014:  Red Rocks; Morrison, COLotus - 10/10/2014: Red Rocks; Morrison, CO
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Polls / Surveys

Welcome to KindWeb's Polls and Surveys!  If you have a question you'd like to ask the public, please use our contact page to give us your suggestions.

Happy Polling!

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Current Poll: Vote for March's KindBand! February 5, 2013
Vote for February's KindBand! January 1, 2013
Vote for January's KindBand! December 1, 2012
Vote for December's KindBand! November 7, 2012
Vote for November's KindBand! October 1, 2012
Vote for October's KindBand! September 3, 2012
Will Romney's choice of VP hinder his chances of winning? August 19, 2012
Would gun control solve problems like the shooting in Aurora, CO? July 26, 2012
Do you like the schedule that Phish announced for their 2012 summer tour? February 29, 2012
Social Media? February 10, 2012
Do you play an instrument? February 2, 2012
What do you come to KindWeb for the most? January 18, 2012
Meat-eater, Veggie or Vegan? January 3, 2012
What are your NYE plans this year? December 16, 2011
What is your price limit per person in your family for holiday presents? December 5, 2011
Would you like to see KindWeb's Message Boards expanded? December 1, 2011
Are you going out for Thanksgiving Eve? November 21, 2011
Should JoePa be forced into retirement due to his handling of the Sandusky allegations? November 9, 2011
Have you attended an "Occupy" demonstration/rally? October 27, 2011
Are current festivals more drugged out than ever? October 13, 2011
How much has Steve Jobs impacted your life? October 6, 2011
Should the movie Footloose have be remade? September 28, 2011
Bluegrass or NewGrass? September 20, 2011
Do you like cover bands? August 24, 2011
Best place to see a band play live? August 10, 2011
How was the Gathering of the Vibes? July 26, 2011
How was the All Good Festival? July 22, 2011
What is your review of Phish's Superball IX? July 13, 2011
Which July 4th Weekend Festival Will You be Attending? June 24, 2011
How Green Are You? June 9, 2011
Is the economy getting better in your area? May 19, 2011
Will the killing of Bin Laden have any effect on Al Qaida's strength? May 9, 2011
How Do You Exercise? April 26, 2011
Summer Festival Most Likely to Attend April 13, 2011
Furthur, on fire or fizzled out?? March 28, 2011
Should the disaster in Japan prompt the world to change their use of nuclear power? March 15, 2011
Should there be a Phish Channel on Sirius/XM? March 8, 2011
Do you hunt? February 28, 2011
Do you agree with the decision to end funding for Planned Parenthood? February 20, 2011
Are you happy with the Bonnaroo 2011 line-up? February 15, 2011
Do you spank your children? February 7, 2011
What's Your Super Bowl Pick? February 2, 2011
Will Obama win a second term? January 29, 2011
How do you like our new look? January 15, 2011
Did Sarah Palin's Comments About Targeting Opponents Fuel the Attack on Gabrielle Giffords January 9, 2011
Do you make New Year's resolutions? January 1, 2011
Real xmas tree or fake? December 13, 2010
Do you agree with Wikileaks releasing classified documents? November 29, 2010
Will the change in political leverage change our economy? November 4, 2010
Which artist will Phish cover for Halloween? October 14, 2010
What feature would you like to see expanded on KindWeb? October 6, 2010
What Phish show would you rather get in to? September 25, 2010
Should Obama extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich? September 8, 2010
Should Muslims in NYC be Allowed to Build a Mosque 2 Blocks from Ground Zero? August 18, 2010
Should Grateful Dead Productions and Jerry Garcia Family LLC allow Amir Bar-Lev to film his proposed Jerry Garcia biopic August 6, 2010
Have you lost your job due to the economy? July 21, 2010
Best new Phish cover? July 13, 2010
Do you agree with Obama's proposal for immigration reform? July 2, 2010
How many years will it take to clean the BP oil spill? June 28, 2010
Are you watching the World Cup? June 25, 2010
Are there more natural disasters now than ever? June 17, 2010
Who's to blame for the Gulf oil spill? June 5, 2010
Did you like the finale of Lost? May 24, 2010
Was BP's response to the oil spill sufficient? May 10, 2010
Should we allow offshore drilling? May 2, 2010
Best outdoor venue? April 18, 2010
Will the Health Care Reform Bill help or hurt Americans? April 8, 2010
What summer tour are you most excited to attend? March 25, 2010
Best decade for Phish? March 17, 2010
Heading to the All Good Festival this year? March 9, 2010
Who would you most like to see live, if you could bring them back from the grave? February 15, 2010
Trivia Question: Who on the list was/is, NOT a self-declared deadhead? February 4, 2010
Do you prefer CDs or downloaded music? January 21, 2010
Will 2010 be better than 2009? January 1, 2010
Plans for NYE? December 22, 2009
Do you or your children get vaccinated for H1N1? December 15, 2009
Do you like the newest incarnation of the dead, Furthur? December 4, 2009
Which band best reaches out to it's fans? November 26, 2009
Best decade for the Grateful Dead? November 23, 2009
Where to see the best music.... November 16, 2009
Was the Rolling Stones 'Exile on Main Street' a good choice for Phish's Halloween cover album? November 1, 2009
What album will Phish cover tonight for Halloween? October 31, 2009
How many shows do you see per month? October 23, 2009
Will the year 2012 bring peace or destruction to the world? October 13, 2009
Did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? October 9, 2009
Do you think that Obama is a US citizen? September 30, 2009
Should the newest offshoot of the Grateful Dead, 'Furthur' do a tour? September 23, 2009
Is the Republican hatred for Obama race related? September 16, 2009
How do you like to buy your music? September 2, 2009
Are You Going to the Phish Festival? August 17, 2009
How much do you have to pay out of your pocket for health care monthly? August 12, 2009
Should we be focusing on health care reform now or should we wait until after the economy is more stable? August 6, 2009
BIG or small Festivals? July 28, 2009
Do you agree with Obama's plan to reform health care? July 24, 2009
Do you believe all of the environmental warnings? July 20, 2009
Heading to the 10,000 Lakes Festival? July 14, 2009
Are you worried about the swine flu? July 9, 2009
Will String Cheese Incident Tour Again? July 4, 2009
Is Michael Jackson really dead or was it staged? July 1, 2009
Favorite New Phish Song? June 25, 2009
What KindWeb feature would you like to see more of? June 22, 2009
Has Bonnaroo Gotten Too Commercial? June 15, 2009
New Phish Songs? June 10, 2009
Is Obama doing the right thing by reaching out to Muslims? June 4, 2009
Favorite Guitar Amp? May 7, 2009
Do fans support local music more or less than they did 10 years ago? April 29, 2009
Do the Dead still have it?? April 16, 2009
Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? April 10, 2009
Is the String Cheese Reunion at Rothbury going to spark a new run of SCI date? March 19, 2009
Is Phish back for good? March 11, 2009
Do you feel that ticket price inflation is caused by the artists or the venues? March 3, 2009
How many Grateful Dead shows have you seen? February 24, 2009
Will the economy cause you to skip festivals you would like to attend this season? February 17, 2009
Favorite Beatle? February 13, 2009
Fender or Gibson? February 11, 2009
Should George Bush be held accountable for war crimes? February 5, 2009
Favorite Season? January 31, 2009
Will you be skipping Dead tour because of ticket prices? January 26, 2009
What's your expectations of Obama turning America around? January 22, 2009
What reunion are you more interested in seeing this year? January 16, 2009
Will Dickie Betts Reunite with the Allmans during their 40th anniversary tour? January 8, 2009
Will the Dead Gel Well Together in Spring of 09? January 4, 2009
Plans for New Years Eve? December 25, 2008
Snowboarding or Skiing? December 13, 2008
When do you start shopping for the holidays? December 5, 2008
Did you eat turkey for Thanksgiving? December 2, 2008
What do you think about My Morning Jacket? November 18, 2008
Should the Dead and Phish do a joint reunion tour? November 12, 2008
Can Obama change the direction the US has gone in during the last 8 years? November 6, 2008
Are you happy with yesterday's election results? November 5, 2008
Who are you going to vote for today? November 3, 2008
Should sites like TicketsNow, be allowed to legally scalp tickets? October 20, 2008
Who won the final Presidential Debate? October 15, 2008
Do you think Phish will still have it? October 13, 2008
Who won the 2nd Presidential Debate? October 7, 2008
Who won the First Vice Presidential Debate? October 3, 2008
Who won the first Presidential debate? September 26, 2008
What's causing global warming? September 22, 2008
Did McCain pick Palin just to get the Hillary vote? September 6, 2008
Are you happy with Obama's decision to pick Joe Biden as his VP? August 23, 2008
Should drugs be legal? August 5, 2008
Should we drill for oil in Alaska? July 28, 2008
Do feel that InBev, the Belgian beer maker, should be allowed to buy Anheuser-Busch? July 14, 2008
Should convicted pedafiles get the death penalty? June 26, 2008
How do you like our new look? June 18, 2008
Will Obama choose Hillary as his VP? June 10, 2008
Do you think that Phish will reunite for another tour? May 20, 2008
What are your feelings about Ethanol? April 28, 2008
What will you do for Earth Day? April 16, 2008
Do you agree with organized religion? March 15, 2008
Who should be the Democratic nominee? January 23, 2008
What did you do for New Years? January 3, 2008
Which greener energy source should we further develop for cars? December 10, 2007
How many bootlegs do you have in your collection? November 20, 2007
Should vaccinations for children be mandatory? November 9, 2007
What is your view on breast feeding in public? October 29, 2007
Do you think Led Zeppelin should tour with Jason Bonham on drums? October 23, 2007
Do you listen to Satellite radio? October 15, 2007
Do you think that Bush will try to invade Iran? October 10, 2007
Do you think that the String Cheese Incident should go on without Bill Nershi? October 1, 2007
When do you feel that we should leave Iraq? September 13, 2007
How do you like our new polls feature? September 11, 2007
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