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Established in 2000 by an Oregon native, the Peace of Soap Company produces handcrafted artisan soap for local area farmers' markets, festivals and quality gift shops in the Pacific Northwest. With a solid foundation of knowledge, and a strong dedication to quality, our artisan soap base is carefully crafted with pure olive and coconut oils then super fatted with a generous measure of botanical butters. Our soap also contains wildcrafted medicinal herbs, goat and botanical milks, natural waxes, clays, minerals, herbs, flowers, grain and seeds for texture and color. Aromatic purity is as important to us as it is to you. Our products have never contained toxic chemical fragrances, dyes, surfactants or detergent foaming agents. They are not only bad for your body, they are destructive to the environment and are truly unnecessary to craft a high quality artisan product. We only use the best, pure plant essential oils for their natural aromatheraputic and skin benefiting properties. Our products are made with a clean renewable energy, elbow grease. Each small batch is still hand stirred by our Master Soapmaker. We make every effort to reduce our operations carbon footprint. And by purchasing as many of the natural materials used to make our artisan soap from local eco-minded farmers and small businesses, we do our best to contribute to the local economy of Oregon. We have also made a conscious choice not to package our soaps. And by doing so, we are committed to doing our part in reducing unnecessary landfill waste. You can do your part by purchasing our soaps in their beautiful natural state and by recycling the bag you take them home in. We are very proud of the quality of our artisan soap and enjoy serving our community. We would love to hear from you, contact us anytime. Your Buds, Peace of Soap Company
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