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Apell - Reconstituted
Apell - Reconstituted
CD Review by Jud Conway on 9/26/2008   

Australian-born multi-instrumentalist Anthony Pell has been creating eclectic electronic music under the stage moniker Apell, since releasing an eponymous debut in 2000. Apellís innovative sound incorporates elements of rock, jazz, funk, and dub, and is informed by artists as wide-ranging as Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Amon Tobin, Chemical Brothers, Frank Zappa, and John Zorn. Regarding his eclecticism, Pell explains that, "I like to keep music fresh and interesting by varying the sound and feel of each track. I get bored too easily with other albums where every track sounds the same."

Reconstituted is Apellís third full-length self-produced release, and follows 2004ís sophomoric Beaver Street and Beyond. Pell, a veritable one man show, contributes bass, guitar, keyboards, tenor sax, percussion, and vocals. He augments the material for live audiences with arrangements for laptop computer and bass guitar. Album highlights include Pellís take on Neil Youngís classic "Donít Let it Bring You Down" (from 1970ís After the Gold Rush), featuring guest vocalist Rachael Hawkins, and an ethereal, down-tempo, rainy-day version of George Harrisonís Beatles-era "Long, Long, Long." "Dubya," is a Pell original with lyrics inspired by absurd quotes from current US President George W. Bush. In "Mobile Cell," Pell uses cellular interference as musical accompaniment to great effect.

Apell is a member of the Australian electronic collective known as Clan Analogue. He was a 2000 and 2001 finalist in the Australian National Youthweeks RockIT. His music has been featured on both Melbourne and Australian National radio.

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