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Kinetix - 10/3/2009: The Double Door; Chicago, ILL
Kinetix - 10/3/2009:  The Double Door;  Chicago, ILL
Photos by:  Cory Giacalone  [View More]
Concert Review by Didi Trout on 10/7/2009   

Saturday evening in Chicago always tends to be an interesting evening no matter where you are venturing, so much to do and such good music all around to see. This can truly make or break a band yet for Kinetix seeing the draw and the hype of the audience sets this band apart. Traveling to Wicker Park always brings a fitting feel, being a hip neighborhood always populated with the younger folk with diversity in music and style. Hopping off the train arriving at the Damen blue line stop and taking the leap across the street to The Double Door an older building with a vintage exterior and tucked away underneath the train rails and in a hectic intersection adding to the draw.

Walking through the doors, hearing Kinetix rocking sound, created a great ambiance that penetrated my ears as my eyes flash across the nodding heads. A little disappointed in arriving late, creating a lost opportunity to see the band My Dear Disco, yet you could sense their buildup within the audience. Walking across the open and well populated club the sharp guitar riffs and upbeat lyrics were recognized instantly. Their funky style seems to flow through the audience which shoots right back to the stage letting the band feed off the energy derived from the occupants. This band engages the show goers instantly becoming aware of the hype and chaos which is expelled from the crowd.

Glancing at the stage you can notice immediately the defined characteristics in the band members. Each has their own style and movements bringing a great stage presence to the inventiveness of their songs. Lead guitarist and vocalist Adam Lufkin delivers far out vocals, a clear rock tone with rapid usage of lyrics. Keyboardist Eric Blumenfeld puts forth a cutting edge sound as he beats on the keys and assists in vocals. Jordan Linit noticeably was meant to perform with a light stage presence and talent provided in his guitar skills. Josh Fairman on bass contributes deeper tones in his playing while percussions and drums are played by Jack Gargan. This band harmonizes great together with a modernistic fresh sound that rocked throughout the evening.

This Colorado band truly sent a hopping upbeat vibe for the local Chicago scene to enjoy. Dancing the night away to their jams and perfect dose of pop added to the rock beats making the uniqueness for this band. The use of lyrics in a hip tone and attached to intense jams and rock beats sending waves of energy throughout their performance. Chord progression and passionate jam sessions between dazzling percussion beats creates a sound that is masterly.

Kinetix added a dash of rock and pop to the evening and put forth a great show which spoils attendees with their diverse chords and use of upbeat lyrics. A different sound with more funky, hip songs that kept the company close and engaged till the last beat was caught.

Photos by: Cory Giacalone    
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