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Cornmeal - 1/15/2011: Lola's Saloon; Ft. Worth, TX
Cornmeal - 1/15/2011: Lola's Saloon; Ft. Worth, TX
Photos by:  Steve Moyles  [View More]
Concert Review by Steve Moyles on 1/17/2011   

I hadn't been to a show in over a month, and was really jonesing for some live music.  Plus, I had just bought a new lens, so I really wanted to get out and take some pictures.  Luckily, Cornmeal, fresh from Jam Cruise, scheduled a show at a very small venue in Ft. Worth.  When I say small, I mean small, intimate.  The capacity limit, posted on the wall was 165 and the crowd that night was pushing that threshold.

I've seen Cornmeal a few times, and I've seen their fiddle player, Allie Kral sit in with Umphrey's and Family Groove Company several times.  Their sound ranges from traditional bluegrass to Deadesque jams.  The show at Lola's covered the whole gamut.  The crowd ranged from bluegrass fans, to TCU college kids, to Dead-Heads, and everything in between.

The setlist sent out on Twitter by the band (@cornmealband) is as follows: Drinking Away the Memory of You, The Fox, Oh Leah Lee, Not at Home Anymore, Shelter, They Love Each Other, Hasten Jason, Better Off this Way, Feather, Sheep, I'll Be Looking at You, Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow.  I think they cut I'll Be Looking at You.

I really enjoyed the Garcia cover, They Love Each Other, as did the audience.  Also, Pink Floyd's, Sheep, was a real treat.  Allie and the guitar player, Kris Nowak, were playing around with their pedals and dials, creating a variety of sounds and feedback, imitating the original version on the Animals album.  They came back for one encore, Cornmeal in the Kitchen. 

Catch Cornmeal at Summer Camp this year over Memorial Day weekend.

Photos by: Steve Moyles    
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