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Big Gigantic - 02-12-2011
Big Gigantic - 02-12-2011
Photos by:  Cory Giacalone  [View More]
Concert Review by Didi Trout on 2/28/2011   

Kraddy took the stage with much anticipated hype from the ongoing Big Gigantic tour, known to move the masses,  with glitched out beats with the rest of the his crew "The Glitch Mob" out of California, he took a step aside from his musical group of DJ Prodigies to put down his own personalized mixes and throwing some of his newest tracks down for Chicago. One of those being the synthesized beats of Android Porn, a club heavy song with a pleasantly heavy mix of beats, representing what he does best. One of the newer mix ups that I have not heard in a long time was a remix of, "5 on it" by Luniz, taking a great song and turning it into a dubbed version of the song, which worked in union together perfectly.  Also throwing down a fairly newer mix being " Into the Labyrinth", a very intense song that could fit perfectly into a high action movie at the most climactic part that would determine the outcome of good vs. evil, none the less a great mix to dance to. With his music for proof, he showed why he is one of the most premier DJ's around, a show that I would see again without hesitation.

On a wintry Friday evening, Lincoln hall had a crowd awaiting the electronic hype of Big Gigantic. The opening bands Stratus and Kraddy bumped up the audience for the first wave of funky beats. Then Big G hit the stage and pulsated the venue with their collaboration of computerized electronic music with a live band. This duo from Colorado brought the rage of boulder to the windy city.

Stepping out on the stage Big Gigantic was welcomed with a roar of excitement as the notes began to play. The stage was set up in a mystical way with illuminating square lights flashing in sync with the beats erupting from the talent on stage. Dominic Lalli produces melodies, works the synth and belts away on the saxaphone. Playing a consistent drum beat and an impressive flow of percussions into the music is Jeremy Salken. Both members of this duo add a unique personality and flare to the music. With a new album out the music was a solid combination of new material and some off their debut album Fire it Up. Their new album is available on their website. Performing some remixes including, “I need a Dollar,” and “Fantasy.”These seemed to send excitement and an echo of lyrics as the whole venue seemed to chime in to the choruses of these tunes. Lalli jetting out energy with every wave and movement. The combination of electronic beats with the loops of rap tones was the way to create a dance party. Everyone in the hall was moving. Even on the stage the two talents creating their dance vibrations were connecting and moving to the beats. There was a hustle and bustle thriving in the audience the duration of the bans times on the stage. As the performance continued, drum beats cranked out and rhythmic melodies quivered through the joint. The duo built up the music, boosting passion into each note played. The diverse crowd of college students to older adults made for a mixture of enthusiasm. The type of beats being produced reached out to a variety of different genres, including electronic, jam and rand b rap. There were small undertones of jazz rift included in several of the songs presented. Overall this band creates and develops something great when they get to the stage together. There is a powerful presence and just a fantastic time to be had when they perform. Raging the night away these guys are positively a fabulous time from start to finish.

This performance in Chicago showed why Big Gigantic has been climbing high in the electronic music scene. Since their conception in 2008 this band has flourished and progressed with every appearance. The flow and synchronization of the melodies put out is magical and most definitely a concert to hit up next time these fellas flow through.

Photos by: Cory Giacalone    
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