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Mayan Holidaze 2012 - Mayan Riviera, Mexico
Jake Plimack on 2/6/2012   

Holidaze is not the kind of festival that anyone ends up at by accident or gets dragged to by a friend.  It’s an exclusive event for only the most die hard of fans, of which even fewer make the cut to get tickets ten months in advance to see their favorite bands throw down on the beach at the end of January.  When you get to the tropical Mayan coast, you are surrounded by the happiest people on Earth--hedonists, every one--and each more excited then the last to be there and take part in the experience. 

Big Gigantic was added to this year’s lineup along with veterans Sound Tribe Sector 9, The Disco Biscuts, and of course Umphrey’s McGee.  Big Gigantic not only put on a killer show of their own, but Dom sat in with all of the other bands, each time adding his unique flare to songs and helped to swell each set to a massive musical climax.  Each of the bands brought their rage game down to Mexico and delivered what each fan came there expecting: a dance party on the beach featuring the most talented musicians rockin’ out like there’s no tomorrow.

Four days go by in a synapse.  No one sleeps the last night, anything to keep tomorrow from happening so we can continue to live in the bubble where you get to live your rock and roll dreams.  Where it would take effort not to end up in the pool chatting with your favorite musician.  Where you’re surrounded by hundreds of your best friends at all times, and the free drinks keep coming.  Where every day, each band plays one of their best shows ever.

Photos by: Jake Plimack    
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