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Keller Williams - Bass
CD Review by Didi Trout on 2/13/2012   

K-dub busts out the funkiness once again with his new album Bass. Classic Keller sounds and style with new attractions to the ears and the dancing shoes. With a long history of albums released with a spectrum of styles and compilations; even releasing a kids album last year and working with the likes of String Cheese Incident and The Keels. Keller's albums are always something to look forward to with their entertaining lyrics and grabbing collection of instrumental use. With varieties of genres flowing into this recent album; bluegrass, jazz, reggae melodies, bass sounds and of course vocal loops thrown in. The album Bass, released in late 2011 goes along with what fans anticipate from KW; a goofy gig and lots of lyrics to get you laughing. The magnitude Keller grows continues with every live appearance, every new album and with ever loop that he creates in his music.

Bass; begins with the song, “The Sun and Moon's Vengenda;” straight from the first chords the typical bright style Keller flows into the rifts that are heard. Lyrics trickling along with the beat, there is a magic that catches the ear and makes the head move from side to side. The next song;”2 B U” is from the get go is a looney melody and bass line. Very catching with many instruments circulating with the beat. Moving along to the jazzy tune,”Hey HO Jorge.” The drop beat is funky and the lyrics are hysterical going along with the devouring funky beat. A piano solo in the middle brings out a supreme jazz vibe along with the backup vocals which are smooth and entertaining. “I am Elvis,” makes you feel like you are floating from the beginning of the song, a snappy tune embracing the imaginative side of Keller, literally. A ball-er line drops from the get go of,”Hollywood Freaks.” Once again the rhythmic lyrics rolling off Keller's tongue in this song expresses the broad talent that he puts out. The album only halfway through makes you get up and groove.

With the cascade of music making up the tracks on KW's Bass was off to a great start. Continuing into,”Thinking,” another song where the comedic talents of the lyrics shine once more. The sounds of funky, blues mixed with reggae and hints of bass swirl into the dynamics of this album. With the deep and bass movement of “Buena,” nearly puts an end to the new work of this musician. The song,” Super Hot,” once again gets a grin as it goes into the tune, “Hobo Jungle.” The end of the album really finished off strong. Concluding with the reggae-ton style once again to keep you feeling funky and upbeat. Laughing as the album comes to a close is certainly a positive feeling.

Keller Williams is an escape. The music that comes from this self taught talent just makes you forget everything else but the hysterics of the music, lyrics and shocking additions to the songs. Though the KW style is beaming in this set of songs; there tends to be a more jazzy feel. Don’t forget at the end of listening to this album to just smile and feel full of all the funkiness that was soaked in.

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