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Eoto - 4/2/12: The Vogue Theatre; Indianapolis, IN
Eoto - 4/2/12: The Vogue Theatre; Indianapolis, IN
Photos by:  Amber Jennings  [View More]
Concert Review by Amber Jennings on 4/17/2012   

The nonchalant atmosphere of a Monday evening slowly picked up pace at the Vogue as Los Angeles based Kraddy hit the stage. The speaker-shuddering bass drops moved the crowd from the bar onto the dance floor and warmed their bodies for the organic bass beats of EOTO. The DJ’s gear was perched and illuminated in front of the massive gear of EOTO and set center stage in a cyclopean Lotus flower.

The set was short interpolating prerecorded dance beats to the much deeper fresher improvisational work of EOTO’s, Jason Hann (percussion, vocals) and Travis Davis (keys, bass, vocals, guitar).

As the global ethnic improvised dubstep/breakbeat/house/drum & bass/trip-hop due took the stage, the lights ran by Zebbler and Herm Productions irradiated the behemothic Lotus petals and splashed the audience with reflective waves of light. The front men, beasts of majestic movement, hit the stage with smiles on their faces prepared to catch each audience member and make them feel the beats and send them into funky dance rhythms. The energy from the crowd set the machine in motion and the psychedelic trip-hop triggered the lighting, setting the Lotus in ablaze of colors and motion. Hann has explained that, “When we’re playing live for 3 hours a night, it’s like playing tribal drums in a ceremony.” As the evening forged through massive sets the energy never faltered.

By the end of the evening the dubstep kids had been tested to the extremes, leaving the dance floor drenched in sweat and feeling as though they had connected to something beyond the limits of imagination.

Set I

Vogue >  Garoye >  Echorr >  Tairaka >  Nearo >  Dypun >  Heyt > Kyttix >  Threnu >  Fudin >  Texaw

Set II

Reer >  Nyludin >  Hohez >  Cenela >  Lacovo >  Chicke >  Lobe Pla > Krut >  Zenfor >  Labcenth >  Drums >  Reench >  Threws >  Brous > Travis


Skrope >  Grute

Photos by: Amber Jennings    
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