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New Riders of the Purple Sage - 17 Pine Avenue
CD Review by Raegan Zittle on 5/16/2012   

The New Riders of the Purple Sage’s new album is a beautiful symphony of sounds.  As a matter of fact, 7 songs were written by David Nelson and Robert Hunter, so it is pretty obvious their collaboration will bring a unique style.  The album begins with both energetic and honest riffs, blended melodies and a recognition of the older NRPS-  the signature sound of the slide guitar and an almost southern sound.  It almost has the feeling of driving down a long road, destination far away but what matters is the music.  “Down for the Ride” reminds me of this journey, a lovable song speaking of a relationship with someone special.  The drumming is precise and the piano and guitar mix so well David Nelson sounds like he is in the driver’s seat.  Nelson’s voice is believable, he sings the words of a professional gangster yet to the perfect harmony with the instruments.  The slide guitar sings along with the drums and the exchange between these 2 is a fusion of sounds that are reminiscent of old New Riders of the Purple Sage but has the energy and mobility to make this record a great one for today’s musical connoseur.

The album is nostalgic, it reminds me of how good music is and is a reflection of how it used to be.  The exciting collaboration with Hunter and Nelson being old buddies, both legends in the roots of the Grateful Dead…Hunter’s lyrics on this one remind me of old collaborations with Jerry, Buddy Cage plays fluid like a liquid and the music and lyrics surpass time.  All in all, this album is awesome and I am looking forward to seeing them this summer somewhere near YOU!

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