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Stackabones - The Wax Still Drops
Stackabones - The Wax Still Drops
CD Review by Raegan Zittle on 6/13/2012   

Stackabones was formed in Austin, Texas by Jim Brighton and Butch Zito.  The band managed to find itself in Deadhead circles and now is happily touring around and gearing up for "Festival Season".  The songs on this album are written by Jim Brighton, Butch Zito, and Scott Cooper.  On their latest, "The Wax Still Drops" is an example of how their music has succeeded for 2 decades and is a nice addition to any road trip.  There are 12 tracks on this album and each one of them is very unique and has a very original sound.  The mood to the music is upbeat and high energy with a strong sense of rhythm.  Their sound is unique combining hints of jazz and draws from many genres including, jam bands.

The band is comprised of Zito, Chip Clofine, Teri Zito, Pat Kelly, and Jim Brighton.  Their originals are well-crafted but they sometimes manage to sneak in a cover like, "Man Smart..Woman is Smarter" when playing live at festivals, much to the delight of Deadheads all over.  Look for them at the upcoming Bear's Picnic on August 17-20th 2012 in Laureltown, PA as well various dates up and down the East Coast.

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