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moe. - Indy Ribfest Military Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
moe. - Indy Ribfest Military Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
Photos by:  Amber Jennings  [View More]
Concert Review by Amber Jennings on 9/17/2012   

In the midst of thunderstorms brought on by Hurricane Isaac, it was a toss up to whether or not  moe. would be able to take the stage at Saturday’s Ribfest event. The torrential rains soaked Indianapolis but as it got closer for moe. to take the stage the storm subsided and the boys jumped on stage and proceeded to shred Indianapolis with a short and explicitly explosive set.

They opened with Crab Eyes, the synchronicity of lights with Chuck Garvey’s molten opening riff set the stage for what would be a fun filled night full of classic moe. jams. The three front men, Rob Derhak (bass, vocals), Al Schnier (guitar, vocals, keys) and Chuck Garvey (guitar, vocals, talkbox) would layer their vocals between Jim Loughlin (multi instrumentalist) and Vinnie Amico (drums) rhythms. Al and Chuck would battle back and forth over lead axe riffs and lead them straight into Nebraska. Still segueing from one tune to the next Puebla’s dark spacey jam contrasted nicely from the hoppy Nebraska. Not wasting a moment they ripped into a nice unexpected Timmy Tucker, Rob’s torpedo bass bombs blasted through Military Park, the whammy-bar abuse and dive bombs from Garvey and Schnier were precise and flawless, the tune is always a guaranteed mind melting experience of jam. A sweet short Wind It Up into Head was next before busting out a heavy jamy Time Ed before reprising back into Head. They encored with Captain America and went into an intense Seat of My Pants that had Schnier standing on top of the speakers on the edge of the stage.

I. Crab Eyes > Nebraska > Puebla > Timmy Tucker, Wind It Up, Head > Time Ed > Head
Encore: Captain America > Seat Of My Pants

Photos by: Amber Jennings    
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