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Del Yeah! - 9-2/2012: Rustle Hill Winery, Carbondale, IL
Del Yeah! - 9-2/2012:  Rustle Hill Winery, Carbondale, IL
Photos by:  Amber Jennings  [View More]
Concert Review by Amber Jennings on 9/27/2012   

The third annual Del Yeah festival wrapped up in Carbondale, Illinois on Sunday, September 2 at the Rustle Hill Winery.  Due to inclement weather from hurricane Isaac the Saturday show in St. Louis had to be rescheduled and left folks wondering if the show in Carbondale the following day would be resecheduled as well. With an announcment that the show would be delayed several hours at Rustle Hill it was confirmed it would go on.

The thunderstorms and heavy rain seemed to fade away into the horizon as folk-singer, Chicago Farmer, took the stage. While Chicago Farmer filled the hillside with his folky voice, Paducah natives, Bawn in the Mash, filled the winery with a mash of folky jazz. Emmitt-Nershi Band took the stage with Alan Bartram from Del McCoury after Farmer's set, folks wandered down and filled up the area in fron to the stage. The Bankesters, took the stage after Emmitt-Nershi band, a small quintet that played as the stage was set up for the Del McCoury Band. By the time Del McCoury took the stage twighlight had settled and the crowd had become quite large for the tiny area. Cornmeal took the stage after Del McCoury, the last of the Nowak brothers performances until Harvest Fest in October in the Ozarks. 

Photos by: Amber Jennings    
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