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SunSquabi - Echoes
SunSquabi - Echoes
CD Review by Deidra Trout on 10/14/2012   

Sunsquabi is an up and coming band from Boulder, Colorado. Their newly released album, Echoes; hits you from the get go with groovy beats that make you want to sway. The band combines live instrumentals with electronic elements. The musical roots of the members show with a taste of modern electronic. Guitarist, Kevin Donohue, bassist, Andrew Clymer and drummer, Chris Anderson make up this trio. This album is the bands third record with it being its second EP they were able to broaden a bit of their musical styles with remixes. The combination of instruments and the talent behind the music made this album a great pre-show or party favor. It is a piece that really brings a lot of energy from the rhythm. From the start to finish the tracks flow and move you whether you are rocking out in your car or at a party; it will definitely liven you up.

The first tracks of the album have such a grip to you. Starting with a remix of Daft Punks, “Voyager.” There was such a tranquility to the song as it grooved through their original beats added. A moveable beat line drew you into the second track, a remix of Lenny Kravitz ”Fly Away.” It really gives a new flare to the song in a jivey and more beating way. Vocals altered and almost makes you feel as though your flying through the song. A melody subtle and straight hit the third track to a grooving start, it being a remix of the “Game of Thrones” theme. Mysticism and a funky style make the bands creative downbeats very catchy. With bass bumping into the next remix, the energy was thriving through the album. The final three tracks on the EP are golden as Mochipet Ft. Mc Zulu and The Prodigy are the next remixed. Concluding the album with an original track, it really defines the bands style and concludes the album with their own feel. The song style seems to be a treat after the remixes that made up the rest of tracks. A truly moving ride concluded with a bang, a ride through remixes of well known catchy songs concluded with an original track. Sunsquabi through their album style makes their live performances that much more appealing and enthused for.

Though this band thrives through their live performances and live electronic displays; the album mixed and created is a hit that keeps you moving to. With remixed songs and jamming beats also the songs from well known and not so well known artists truly give a different perspective to the band. A diverse ride through a talented array of songs. It really is an enthusiastic yet spirited journey through musical styles with an electronic focus and main beat. An album and band to definitely check out and be on the look out for when they hit your city, a fun time from start to end how recordings should be.

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