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BoomBox and Conspirator - 11/3/2012: The House Of Blues; Chicago, ILL
BoomBox and Conspirator - 11/3/2012:  The House Of Blues; Chicago, ILL
Photos by:  Cory Giacalone  [View More]
Concert Review by Didi Trout on 11/21/2012   

With a brisk start to November in Chicago, a crowds outside the House of Blues barred the chilly winds for a late night party. Conspirator, featuring Aron Magner and Marc Bownstien of the Disco Biscuits as well as BoomBox, a breakthrough duo featuring Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux. These bands on the same ticket were a thrill back to back. Conspirator has been touring for years and has embrace the true jams that the talents making the band can mix up. BoomBox combines true instrumental skills with a dash of back beat to make it dancing music, their music is just fun! The evening also included the skills of Abakus and Cinnamon Chasers who made appearances between the headlining acts. With the concert falling on daylight savings, the extra hour to rock out made the night a bumping success from the time you walked through the venue entrance.  Walking up the venue stairs to the concert hall of the HOB, BoomBox's beats brought the groove right out of you. After many waited outside in a line wrapped around the corner for this show the music from these men brought a lot of warmth to the chill of the night. The crowd was hyped from start to finish as the jams, jives and mixes of instrumental talent and production were blended with passion. Energy was soaring through the attendees; it wandered up to the stage enticing the music being created, there was a phenomenal feeling in the venue. With energy this gripping the music was being influenced a lot by the positivity of the crowd something BoomBox does with ease almost. Funky songs into smooth jams and a mixture of down tempo and fluid jams the set seemed to fly past. Songs off their first album,”Stereo” were featured as well as new tracks that were uplifting to hear. With waves of gratitude for the love the windy city has for this band the men stepped off stage. This duo is a hard act to follow as the night quickly drifted into early morning the music was far from over.

Between the acts Abakus and Cinnamon had a blast keeping the crowd grooving as the stage was set up for Conspirator. In addition to the Disco Biscuit's; Brownstein and Magner, the touring drummer KJ Sawka and guitarist Chris Michetti joined the stage. Rocking into the extra hour that the evening graced the band with they sure new how to celebrate it. With bumping jams the energy level was even more so elevated by the time the music began. Such a mixture of genres incorporated into an electronic flared package. They had dashes of Bisco music, band originals and even had fun rifts of some covers. The night was brought to a climax as early morning drifting into the near break of dawn; the crowd still going strong though. The stage presence of the group together was awe inspiring and their gratitude was extended to Chicago's fan base. As the crowd drifted into the city streets, an extra bump in their steps was created with the music that was shared.

Each appearance of the evening brought out different sound with the same moving affect. With busy touring schedules, be sure to look into the next appearance in your city for you want to be rocked in the ways that BoomBox and Conspirator rock you.

Photos by: Cory Giacalone    
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