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String Cheese Incident - 12/31/2012: NYE Night 3
String Cheese Incident - 12/31/2012:  NYE Night 3
Photos by:  Brian Spady  [View More]
Concert Review by Brian Spady on 1/3/2013   

Set 1: Mouna Bowa, Shine, Can’t Stop Now, Song In My Head, Struggling Angel, Collliding, Restless Wind

Set 2: Miss Brown’s Teahouse > How Mountain Girls Can Love, Piece of Mine, Best Feeling > Search, Sledgehammer > Rosie

Set 3: Let’s Go Outside, Land’s End, Colorado Bluebird Sky > Bumpin’ Reel, Desert Dawn > Sweet Emotion > Desert Dawn

E: Bollymunster > Colorado Bluebird Sky

Photos by: Brian Spady    
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