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Lotus - 10/04/2013: Red Rocks, CO
Lotus - 10/04/2013:  Red Rocks, CO
Photos by:  Max Filter  [View More]
Concert Review by Max Filter on 10/10/2013   

With snow on the trees and temperatures predicted to drop below freezing before the night's end, the masses flocked to Red Rocks heavy-laden with winter coats, hats, and gloves.  Spirits were high despite the cold.  After having rescheduled the concert once already due to the massive flooding Colorado experienced last month, Lotus was determined to take the stage at the legendary amphitheater no matter what the weather threatened.  A playful video that showed the band rehearsing in full winter gear had been posted earlier in the day along with a friendly reminder to their fans to dress accordingly.  While the weather most certainly had an impact on attendance, an energetic crowd of over 5,000 kept the party going from the first notes to the final bows.

The glitch-hop duo Break Science kicked off the show with a power-house set drawing heavily from material on their brand-new debut full-length album Seven Bridges.  Borahm Lee's production is complemented by live drumming from Lettuce and Pretty Lights collaborator Adam Deitch.  Drawing inspiration (and collaborators) from funk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop backgrounds, their take on electronica yields a fresh-yet-familiar feel.  Their live show has been steadily improving over the past several years, and with the performance they delivered at Red Rocks on Friday night I would not be surprised to see them headlining more shows in the very near future.

Boombox kept the energy high with their set following Break Science.  Their unique blend of backbeat, dance-pop, and psychedelic house makes for a good excuse to boogie down.  The multi-instrumental duo put on a stunning visual show, making full use of the elaborate lighting rig set up by Lotus.  While I don't see myself going out of my way to catch these talented performers in the future, I would certainly get their early the next time they are opening at a show I'm attending.  

Lotus finally took the stage for the main event shorty after 10 PM and delivered a non-stop stream of funky beats for the next two and a half hours.  With a set that heavily featured classic jams blended with a choice selection of brand new cuts the boys more than made up for the month-long wait between the original show and the reschedule date.  The dedicated and ever-appreciative crowd made the most of it as well, and despite the dropping temperatures that stabilized around 20 degrees Farenheit the majority of the revelers stayed for the whole show.  Some highlights amidst an amazing evening included the performance of “Cloud 9” featuring rapper Ras Arcane off of the very recent “Monks” hip-hop album, as well as the epic set ending “Umbilical Moonrise > Flower Sermon” combo from their debut album “Germination”.  All-in-all the set can be described as a crowd-pleaser for fans both new and old.  From where I stood I heard several cries of “I've been waiting for this one!” and “I can't believe they played that!” while a small group of first time Lotus attendees to my right couldn't seem to stop smiling.  For as cold as it was, I can't blame them; the evening was magical, the camaraderie apparent, the music transcendent, everything you hope for from a concert.  Worth the wait and worth the eather, Lotus delivered as always and gave us an evening to remember.             

Lotus at Red Rocks 2013/10/04:

Bush Pilot 
Middle Road 
Gilded Age 
Neon Tubes -> 
Cloud 9 (feat. Ras Arcane) 
Plant Your Root -> 
Moonset -> 
Neon Tubes 
Wooly Mammoth 
What Did I Do Wrong 
Greet the Mind 
Umbilical Moonrise 
Flower Sermon 

E: Shimmer & Out 

*w/ Ras Arcane on mic

Photos by: Max Filter    
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