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Tesla - 1/28/2015: Emo’s Austin, TX
Tesla - 1/28/2015:  Emo’s Austin, TX
Photos by:  Rich Denis  [View More]
Concert Review by Rich Denis on 2/12/2015   

Capping off their stay in Texas, Tesla came to Rock Austin Wednesday night.  Emo’s packed in a full house and by the time they came on stage you could feel the energy in the room and the love the crowd had for the band. Opening with the power jam MP3 from their 2014 album Simplicity, and then following it up with Edison’s Medicine, the band let it be known they came to rock. The crowd had a great time listening to hits that spanned their 25 year career and were thrilled when they finished the night with Lil Suzi.

Tesla is made up of members Jeff Keith on vocals, Frank Hannon on guitar, Dave Rude on guitar, Brian Wheat on bass and Troy Luccketta on drums.


Edison’s Medicine
I Wanna Live
Hang Tough
So Divine
Heaven’s Trail
Life is a River
The Way Is Is
What You Give
Love Song
Gettin’ Better
Modern Day Cowboy
Lil’ Suzie

Photos by: Rich Denis    
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