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The String Cheese Incident - March Madness Tour
The String Cheese Incident - March Madness Tour
Photos by:  Rich Denis  [View More]
Concert Review by Rich Denis on 3/21/2016   

The String Cheese Incident March Madness Tour kicked off in Reno, Nevada on March 10 in the Summit Pavilion at the Grand Sierra Resort and Spa to a crowd that was itching for an incident!  Opening with Close Your Eyes the boys kept the crowd moving through the entirety of the first set.  Their second set was just as fast with a dance evoking tunes like Desert Dawn and Restless Wind (Reno winds were restless that day!).  After the show, the casino floor was abuzz with all the fans trying to get lucky.

After a night of fun in the biggest little city in the world, the band packed it up and moved over the pass for two magical nights at the majestic Fox Theater in Oakland!  Kicking it off on night one with an unexpected BollyMunster the first set was sure to make you dance.  For the second set, the boys brought out Dan Lebowitz to sit in for The Harder They Come and followed that up with Let’s Go Outside.  The rest of the set included Rollover, Black Clouds, Way Back Home and Valley of the Jig before wrapping it up with a 3 song encore that included a killer U2 cover, Mysterious Ways.

While the weather held out for the beginning of the tour, by night three the rain came down which kept all but the rail-riders away until the doors opened but once opened the fans came to party.  After some loving words by Jack Mento opening the night, the boys went right into Colliding before finishing up the set with Round The Wheel.  The second set started up with It Is What It Is before ending with a killer Jellyfish > Sirens > Just One Story before finally ending the night with an encore that included Barstool and the old Jesse Stone classic Don’t Let Go.

As the crowd funneled out of the venue and spilled out onto the sidewalk the rain had finally subsided and the ‘lot scene’ was in full effect.  Slaps, pins and posters were all being pimped and plans for the rest of the tour were talked about.  It sounded like the final 7 stops of the tour were going to be a blast!

Setlists (from FOC):


Set One
Close Your Eyes, Best Feeling, Mouna Bowa, Age, Sometimes A River, Pack It Up > Colorado Bluebird Sky
Set Two
You've Got The World, Joyful Sound, Restless Wind, Turn This Around, Hot 'Lanta, Desert Dawn, On the Road
Master Blaster, Sittin' On Top of the World


Oakland Night 1:

Set One
BollyMunster, Got What He Wanted > MLT, Black & White, Don't It Make You Wanna Dance, Sweet Spot, Looking Glass > Can't Wait Another Day
Set Two
The Harder They Come1, Let's Go Outside1, Rollover, Black Clouds, Way Back Home, Valley of the Jig
Outside and Inside, Mysterious Ways > Way Back Home
1 with Dan Lebowitz


Oakland Night 2:

Set One
Colliding, Born on the Wrong Planet > Get Down Tonight > Can't Stop Now, Windy Mountain > These Waves > Djibouti Bump, Round the Wheel
Set Two
It Is What It Is, Stop Drop Roll, Rhythm of the Road, Rivertrance, Jellyfish > Sirens > Just One Story
Barstool, Don't Let Go

Photos by: Rich Denis  
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