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Yonder Mountain String Band - 10/29/2016: House of Blues; Chicago, Ill
Yonder Mountain String Band - 10/29/2016:  House of Blues; Chicago, Ill
Photos by:  Cory Giacalone  [View More]
Concert Review by Cory Giacalone on 11/7/2016   

Yonder Mountain String Band filled the House of Blues in Chicago with tons of eager fans coming from all over to hear mixes of the bands originals along side covers of songs from Ween’s album 12 Golden Greats . The members of Yonder Mountain String Band had in spirit dressed up from cowboy hats all the way down to the cowboy boots, ready to play a night of western and bluegrass styled favorites.

Appropriately they opened up with a Ween covers right away, “I’m Holding You” and into, “Japanese Cowboy”, which was a perfect fit for the quintet of Yonder Mountain String Bands sound. They then went on to some of their own hits “Around You” and “Left Me In A Hole”. Jumping then right into “On The Run” that segued right into Ween’s, “Piss Up A Rope”, the seguing right back into, “On The Run”. The to finish up the set they would segue back to back for the last four songs, starting with Ween’s “I Don’t Want To Leave You On The Farm” right into Yonder’s “Casualty” from their 2009 album The Show, into Ween’s “Pretty Girl”, right back into the finish of “Casualty”.

Set two began with nonstop jam, starting with “Winds of Wyoming”, segued to “Looking Over My Shoulder”, then segued right back into the finish of “Winds of Wyoming”. Continuing on they gave the crowd some more Ween covers with, “Powder Blue” and a wonderful “Mister Richard Smoker”. Onward they served a healthy mix of back to back Yonder Mountain String Band and Ween songs, starting with Yonder’s “Bad Taste”, then Ween’s “Help Me Scrape The Mucas Off My Brain”. Then back into Yonder’s, “Sister Golden Hair” and Ween’s new song off their new LP, “You Were The Fool”. Finishing off the second set they played a couple of their own homemade goodies like, “Alison” and “Angel” with a Talking Heads cover “Girlfriend Is Better” thrown in the middle of the “Angel” jam. Then as the crowd cheered for just one more song, but Yonder came back out to give the crowd two more songs, their own “Head Of A Woman’, the finishing off the night they paid tribute to Ween one more time by playing a “Fluffy” to end the night.

This YonderWEEN show was something very special and the crowd, including myself felt this with a great diversity within the set list. They gave the crowd a bit of country, a bit of bluegrass and throughout the whole night, a bunch of crunchy jams and funk.


Set one: I’m Holding You*, Japanese Cowboy*, Around You, Left Me In A Hole, On The Run > Piss Up A Rope* > On The Run, I Don’t Want To Leave You On The Farm*, Casualty > Pretty Girl* > Casualty

Set Two: Winds Of Wyoming > Looking Back Over My Shoulder > Wings Of Wyoming, Powder Blue*, Mister Richard Smoker*, Bad Taste, Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain*, Sister Golden Hair, You Were The Fool*, Alison, Angel > Girlfriend Is Better > Angel

Encore: Head Of That Woman, Fluffy*

* – Ween cover

Photos by: Cory Giacalone  
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