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Phish Vegas 96 Available Now for Pre-Order  
Posted: 15 years ago by KindWeb Ed
Phish Vegas 96 Available Now for Pre-Order
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On December 6, 1996, Phish played their debut gig in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Theatre. It was the final show of a 35-date fall tour that stretched across the country, and it was the first in what became a loose tradition of off-the-wall, humorous and irreverent Vegas appearances. This new 3-CD set (available in both Limited and Standard Edition versions) will be released in stores on November 20th, 2007 by JEMP Records and available for download at LivePhish.com.

Vegas 96 is available for PRE-ORDER NOW at Phish Dry Goods. Everyone who pre-orders from Dry Goods will receive "Road To Vegas," an exclusive bonus CD of highlights from Phish's Fall 1996 Tour. Featuring more than three hours of music, Vegas 96 captures the spirit of a band at the peak of its powers pulling out all the stops.


In addition to the three-disc Standard Edition containing the entire concert, a Special Limited Edition Vegas 96 Box Set includes a bonus DVD of archival footage from the show and an extensive 40-page bound photo book in deluxe packaging. The extended "Harpua" encore included on the bonus DVD features a host of special guests onstage including Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde of Primus, multi-instrumentalist John McEuen, yodelers and four Elvis impersonators in a legendary display of Vegas-style sensory overload.

Click here to PRE-ORDER PHISH VEGAS 96 from Phish Dry Goods. We also have a handful of new Vegas goodies at Dry Goods to commemorate this release including T-Shirts, Phish playing cards and dice.


Disc One Disc Two Disc Three
1. Wilson
2. Peaches En Regalia >
3. Poor Heart >
4. 2001 >
5. Llama
6. You Enjoy Myself
7. Cars Trucks Buses >
8. Down With Disease >
9. Frankenstein
1. Julius
2. Sparkle >
3. Mike's Song >
4. Simple >
5. Harry Hood >
6. Weekapaug Groove
7. Sweet Adeline
8. Good Times Bad Times
1. Harpua >
2. Wildwood Weed >
3. Harpua
4. Cowboy's Sweetheart >
5. Harpua >
6. Suspicious Minds >
7. Harpua >
8. Suzy Greenberg >
9. Susie Q