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WHITEHOUSE To Release Brand New Single  
Posted: 13 years ago by KindWeb Ed
WHITEHOUSE To Release Brand New Single
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The U.S. Band WHITEHOUSE returns in 1st. september 2009 with the brand new

single "Gonna Make It Up To You", released through Black Mountain

Records (USA).

Henderson, NV, 1st Aug. 2009


Gonna Make It Up To You is a modern groovy rock-ballad that will further

chisel the name WHITEHOUSE in everyone´s musical mind.

The song´s memorable chorus consists of José Amigo´s lead vocals

and Sandy Stewart´s perfectly fitting background vocals.

Written by José Amigo, the track´s lyrics are about fundamental conflicts in

modern life, a continuance of human tales in the tradition of

"Nobody To Blame","The games that people play" or

"I wonder where you are tonight" from the band´s

latest album GAMES.

Gonna Make It Up To You is produced by Randy Miller.





For further information, contact Black Mountain Records (USA) at (702) 568-7108