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EOTO Heads West For California Tour  
Posted: 13 years ago by KindWeb Ed
EOTO Heads West For California Tour
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EOTO will kick off 2011 on the west coast in less than two weeks in sunny Stateline, NV with stops in San Francisco and San Diego before kicking off their extensive Spring Tour in March. The band, known for their signature 100% live improvised performances, will also be playing alongside a number of well known openers including NastyNasty and Vibesquad for select west coast shows.

Throbbing bass and thudding beats are the signatures of this project from drummers Michael Travis and Jason Hann. The duo moves effortlessly from choppy dubstep to whip-smart, four-on-the-floor house to psychedelic trip-hop. It's a dance marathon and everyone's in it together. A nebulous beast, set lists are only broken up into tracks for the sake of posterity. In reality, changes in mood, energy, and inspiration are reflected "in real-time" by rhythmic and melodic shifts.

Because EOTO starts fresh every night, the band's evolutionary progress has been thrust into hyperspeed, eclipsing standard acts who return to their dusty catalog for every performance. This is apparent when following the musical evolution of their live performances, which are recorded every night and made available to their fans for purchase. On EOTO's first 2 studio releases -- 2006's Elephants Only Talk Occasionally, and the 2008 release Razed, EOTO bounced playfully between house, trance, and breakbeat. A huge change in their sound came when Travis and Hann first saw, felt, and heard the cathartic vibes that dubstep could produce at DJ Skream's set at Shambhala during the Summer of 2008. This influence saw the duo become the first National, live, dubstep act in the US. The wobbly, buzz-saw bass and heavy backbeat style has become a signature of their sets, as heard on their live recordings and on the 2009 studio release, Fire the Lazers!!! Newer material has the duo co-opting sounds from outside the realm of electronic music with scratchy punk riffs and fuzzy sludge metal bass.

The duo will then set forth on their Spring Tour on March 18th of this year and will crisscross the united states with stops on both coasts including dates in St Louis, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC and NYC to name a few.

The perfect match for EOTO's incredible live improvised performances, projection designer known lovingly as "Zebbler" will also join the band with a custom animated projection show for select dates along the Spring 2011 tour. Zebbler was voted one of the top 20 VJ's in DJ magazine, 2007 and is known for delivering an organic visually odyssey with a genuinely live feel.

To kick off the extensive tour, EOTO has launched a video contest allowing fans the opportunity to submit their own content for the live HD video show. Of course 3D animations, animations and complex sequences are encouraged for the overall appeal of the live performance. (Submissions: zebbler@zebbler.com)

For more information about EOTO and their forthcoming tour and instructions for submitting your animations to the Spring Tour Projection show, tune into the band's website at www.eotomusic.com


Spring Tour 2011


Blu Nightclub

Stateline, NV

With NastyNasty



San Francisco, CA

w/ Vibesquad


Winston's Beach Club

San Diego, CA



Winston's Beach Club

San Diego, CA




St. Louis, MO



The SnowBall

Avon, CO

w/ The Flaming Lips and others


The Llama

Telluride, CO

W/ Zebbler


The Eldo

Crestted Butte, CO

W/ Zebbler


The Abbey Theatre

Durango, CO

W/ Zebbler


El Ray Theatre

Albuquerque, NM

W/ Zebbler


The Orpheum

Flagstaff, AZ

W/ Zebbler



Dallas, TX

W/ Zebbler


Minglewood Hall

Memphis, TN

W/ Zebbler


The Valarium

Knoxville, TN

W/ Zebbler


The Orange Peel

Asheville, NC

W/ Zebbler


The Ogden Theater

Denver, CO

W/ Zebbler


Live Wire Music Hall

Savannah, GA

W/ Zebbler


Freebird Live

Jacksonville, FL

W/ Zebbler


The Engine Room

Tallahassee, FL

W/ Zebbler



Birmingham, AL

W/ Zebbler


Masquerade - Hell Room

Alanta, GA

W/ Zebbler


Music Farm

Charleston, SC

W/ Zebbler


Port City Music Hall

Portland, ME

W/ Zebbler

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