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North Coast Music Festival - 9/2/2011-9/4/2011: Chicago, ILL  
Posted: 11 years ago by KindWeb Ed
North Coast Music Festival - 9/2/2011-9/4/2011:  Chicago, ILL
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With summer coming to end there was a closing to the blossoming Chicago music scene for the season. In Union Park in Chicago, the baseball diamonds and open field turned into a prism of sound. Those taking in one last musical gathering of the season, it was quite a blowout to the summer in Chicago. The weather was the perfect combination of humid, sticky, rainy; Chicago weather. North Coast Music Festival drew in those wanting to bust out of summer with a raging time whether the weather. Headliners such as David Guetta, Bassnectar, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Wiz Khalifa, Thievery Corporation, Fatboy Slim and many more threw down over the holiday weekend. With the festival right to the west of the city loop, it was the perfect location to enjoy the outdoor music and gathering of bands from the mid-west and beyond. Breaching the gaps of current music today this festival brought in a diverse lineup. Music from midday dance beats to late night instrumental experimentations the crowds were bumping.

Friday September 2nd

Starting the music mid- afternoon Friday was a blessing on this sticky, icky day in Chicago. Though still humid and blazing, the music began to move those present. Orchard lounge kicked off the Red Bull stage representing the tempo of the city. Coming from Chicago the trio seduced with smooth beats, the little doses of sound bring you forward in time. The Hood Internet took to the stage next, keeping the afternoon flowing. This band also represented the backdrop of the festival being from Chicago they took to the stage proud to groove the people of their city. These guys brought down remixes that certainly moved those sweating away the afternoon.

With the first day jump starting the weekend on a positive spin, as Fifth World came out for their stellar set the crowd had already warmed up. You needed a warm up for this band. The fusion of smooth jazzy, electronic flare was something that kept you loose and moving. A collision of vocal mixes transfused into pockets of electro funk. The band very close with the growing Chicago music scene is spreading its thoughts and views through their music, vibrating their beats with a purpose.

The music was moving into so many positive directions as the stages filled and flowed with bands appearing one right after another; Auto Body made an evening set on the Groupon stage while SBTRKT took to the North Coast stage. The bands brought together for this musical gathering was welcome by a crowd of dancing fans. Most attendees were looking to dance and move to rhythms, beats and sharp tones giving many one more chance to rage before the final half of the year.

Heat still sweltering fans as the sun set below the horizon, Lotus and their music kept the crowd moving and the music firing up. With roots in the mid- west, now based elsewhere the heart and soul was certainly brought like they were performing at home. The music produced by the instrumental talents of this band's members is a hit to many attendees at the festival. With crowds reflecting past the trees that overhung the stage, you could see and feel the buildup created. A crescendo of instrumental collaborations brings a gripping movement to the set. With a self-titled album released 2011, Lotus had expanded on its following while continuing to move and grip them to their music. As the set continued the lights reflected over the combo of the city skyline and the parks tree line, Lotus brought a stunning beat to the environment and elements that encompassed their audience. The first day of music withering there was still more music to be swirling to as Wolfgang Gartner closed out the same slot time on the North Coast stage.

Supporting the local music scene was a huge part of this festival, gathering the veins that create the city of Chicago's diverse and flourishing musical scene. One of the best promotions to the music of this town was to have a whole stage dedicated to just that all weekend long. Closing out this stage Friday night was Bandit followed by Midnight Conspiracy. These bands gave a beat to those who came out to move to their music. While the local stage was illuminating with budding talent, on the North Coast stage closed out the evening with a well-known DJ in the scene.

David Guetta has been moving clubs and festivals for decades. Moving through and establishing vibrant beats that are timeless. This was a set that really waved the populous of those in attendance. Glancing over the crowd with the baseball lights melting with the stage lighting there was not one person in the crowd that could stand still. It was consistent flow of hands and nodding heads along with the electro- hip- hop that was bumping outwards. Closing out the first night is kept the attendees hooked for the continuation of music the following afternoon.

Saturday September 3rd

Diversity was not only brought with the music at this festival but with the weather, as the hot, humidity was mixed with a chance of a shower. It made for interesting festival feel as the music kicked off in early afternoon, hitting the Red Bull stage was Gemini Club shortly followed by Rubblebucket on the Groupon stage and The Right Now raged the early afternoon North Coast stage. It was a jump start to a day filled with music bursting the elements of musical talents populating the lineup.

A hard beat line was drawn out as Felix Cartel took to the stage. The flashing instance of electronic beats are given to those who were waiting for the music to move them. Building up to a continuation of sharp electronic chords this music being produced by the Vancouver based artist was an example of the diversity within the electronic genre that this festival brought together.

New Mastersounds was a band for the to dance to list of this festival. This band mixed in their punk, rock beat elements to a crowd on an electronic itch. These guys took to the stage a raged their set as the crowd grew and therefor the energy was growing with it.

Showing off the diversity of the genre of music committed to dance beats, RJD2 flared to the stage to bring their beats. This set added something more with Break Science member, Adam Deitch joining with drums. Bringing together tight beats during the set mixing with electro, hip-hop, rock; drifting in sync with the smooth percussion sounds being banged out. DJ skills producing sensational beats to a crowd ready to move to the music. The sounds erupted as the afternoon seemed to beat on faster than the beats produced on stage.

Conflicting spots at a festival is usually inevitable. Come mid-afternoon there were many torn between Big Gigantic on the Red Bull Stage or Lettuce getting its groove on the North Coast stage. Lettuce brought soul and funk to the mix while Big G brought on a dance party. As Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken impressed with their unique instrumental mixture of saxophone and drums adding to the beats and remixes thrown into the loop. The passion and flare these musicians have is vibrant and felt with every beat. The dramatic turn-overs, build up and straight pound are sent flowing through your mind and body. A different type of appreciation can be felt from these men on stage, including the attendees in their rhythm. The band members seem to bring everyone present right on stage with them. Truly inspirational and gripping from the moment the music begins till the beats ceased to build.

Future Rock coming up next also has a way of gripping people and wrapping them into a set infused with beats making you move. Mixing up beats with synthesizer, keys and drums, the live performance of this band is gripping as the flashing melodies are put together by the musicians on the stage. The energy is contagious as the faces of the membe