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Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - 10/12/2014: Austin City Limits at Moody Theater  
Posted: 8 years ago by KindWeb Ed
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - 10/12/2014:  Austin City Limits at Moody Theater
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Even competing against ACL’s final night line-up, Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, back for the second night in 4 days, drew a large crowd at the ACL-Live Moody Theatre on Sunday night.  His All Starr band are all stars in their own rite.  Former Santana member Greg Rolie on keys, Todd Rundgren on bass and rhythm guitar. Steve Lukather on vocals and rhythm guitar. Richard Page from Mr. Mister on vocals and bass.  Warren Ham, supporting on horns, vocals and percussion.  And last but not least, Gregg Bissonette on drums keeping time the whole time.

The show was packed with classic hits that anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock would know and love.  Beatles fans were thrilled with Ringo played a number of hits like Don’t Pass Me By, Yellow Submarine and With A Little help From My Friends.  Richard Page slayed it on vocals during Kyrie.  Warren Ham’s horn skills were nothing but energizing.  Todd Rundgren had the house on its feet while he Bang[ed] on the Drum All Day and Greg Rolie gave channelled some Santana during Black Magic Woman and Oye como va.

The show wrapped up, the crowd on their feet singing along to Give Peace a Chance.

Complete Setlist:

Matchbox (Carl Perkins cover)

It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo Starr cover)

Wings (Ringo Starr cover)

I Saw The Light (Todd Rundgren cover)

Evil Ways (Willie Bobo cover)

Rosanna (Toto cover)

Kyrie (Mr. Mister cover)

Bang The Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren cover)

Boys (The Shirelles cover)

Don’t Pass Me By (The Beatles cover)

Yellow Submarine (The Beatles cover)

Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen (Santana cover)

Honey Don’t (Carl Perkins cover)

Anthem (Ringo Starr cover)

You Are Mine (Ricard Page cover)

Africa (Toto cover)

Oye como va (Tito Puente cover)

Love Is The Answer (Utopia cover)

I Wanna Be Your Man (The Beatles cover)

Broken Wings (Mr. Mister cover)

Hold the Line (Toto cover)

Photograph (Ringo Starr cover)

Act Naturally (Buck Owens cover)

With a Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles cover)

Give Peace a Chance (The Plastic Ono Band cover)